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The last weeks of school – how to keep kids motivated to learn?

smallIt is that time of year again when spring break is over and the students are now clamoring for summer vacation. It also is the hardest time of the year for teachers to teach and parents to get their kids to school without complaint.

How can you compete with the sweet smell of grass growing or hours of sunshine?

So, I would love to open this blog up for suggestions on how teachers can entice kids to read just a few more books, learn additional math concepts or allow themselves to create a science project for that end of the year fair. In essence, how to keep kids learning this time of year?!

Parents - What motivates your child to learn? How do you manage to get your child up and out every morning without argument? (Or don’t you?)

Teachers – How do you keep your students to stay on task and remain interested in learning when the outside is so alluring?

Let’s all share and learn from each other… And, for those who teach school year- round, I would love to hear about YOUR techniques for keeping students motivated, too!

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WordsWound1What if you could offer your tween or teen a book that would help them get through the complexities of peer relationships? Perhaps  a template, so to speak, on how to make your way around the school hallways without wondering if someone was snapping a photo or instantaneously uploading something you said in the cafeteria on to a social media site. AND… what to do IF you found yourself as online fodder for others.

Also, what if this same book can help as a catalyst for discussion between parents and their children or teachers and their students? Worth the price of two vente lattes?

Online cyberbullying is a problem and one that is aptly addressed in WORDS WOUND by Justin Patchin and Sameer Hinduja.

In less than 200 pages this paperback gives students skills to help prevent cyberbullying as well as how to react if they are ever a victim. The authors stress being proactive, but know that sometimes they can’t stop every problem – so what to do if a teen does find themselves in the midst of online bullying?

Parents will read this book with perhaps some astonishment. As a Psychologist who works in social media, I had NO idea of some of the sites mentioned that teens are using that are a bit “off the grid”.   I do now!

Now my shoutout to teachers – this book should be on your shelf! It gives you ideas on how to prevent and stop cyberbullying. The insights shared are invaluable. The authors have included excellent talking points that are mature and thought provoking.  Guidance counselors also should add this to their books on helping those bullied in schools and for peer group sessions.

WORDS WOUND is available via FREE SPIRIT Publishing and other online stores.



Also by FREE SPIRIT PUBLISHING and worth the read by the younger set!

ARMOND GOES TO A PARTY - this book is written to help children understand Asperger’s Syndrome or as a social story for a child on the spectrum. BUT, I really think the true audience is the parent who will love a story about hope and inclusion.  Delightful book, well written and adorable illustrations.

Early childhood and Young Children books by Elizabeth Verdick.  From CUDDLE to BYSTANDER POWER .  These books are just the right size to pop for a parent to pop in to a bag and have handy for times when you have to wait – such as a restaurant or doctors office. In fact, when I saw BEDTIME, from the TODDLER TOOLS series,  I thought that it would be an excellent addition for a pediatrician’s office!  Elizabeth Verdick’s catalog of books can be found at this link.



Disclaimer- I was not compensated for this review except to receive a free copy of the books mentioned.  I donated the books received.



Why 1 in 6 Couples Need our Support

I am blessed. In 1989 and again in 1992 I gave birth to my wonderful curly haired children! With the exception of a premature birth with our second, my pregnancies were easy and uncomplicated. That is not the case with one out of every six couples in the United States who are faced with infertility! I was really taken by surprise when I encountered this statistic! One in every SIX couples are not able to have children without medical intervention or other help?  WOW! This month the RESOLVE – the National Infertility Association wants to educate the general population in an effort to show support and compassion for the “one” in every six couples who are challenged with infertility.   National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) was created 25 years ago to help create a supportive and understanding environment for those who opted for the many fertility treatments and options available.  Twenty -five years later the technology, medicine and options have expanded which now means more than ever how important education is to information and services to those who are in need. I must confess, prior to my partnership with HRC Fertility of Pasadena, I knew very little about what was available to those who had infertility problems. I knew about “IVF” and had a few friends who used donor sperm/egg programs, especially when they were in their late 30′s and 40′s. But, I had NO IDEA of what technologies were now being offered and how amazing the science truly was! I  was not aware about how each state and/or country allowed for different treatments.  California is very progressive while other states make the legality of some options much more difficult.  The United States, as a whole, is more advanced and accepting. For example, embryo adoption or surrogacy are often not available in some foreign countries. That is why international fertility tourism has become increasingly popular with couples seeking treatments, especially with couples in search of In Vitro Fertilization, traveling to States. Same – sex couples also have had many more options available in order to build their families.  Donor egg/ sperm/ embryo programs  have been gaining popularity. Surrogacy also has become much more mainstream thanks to celebrities being open about using this option themselves! For a list of celebrity who have used surrogates read here. NIAW begins April 20-26th with many online and live events being offered all over the United States.  HRC Fertility of Pasadena will be participating and posting via their social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.  I plan on joining them by  tweeting and using the hashtag #NIAW to help others become more informed. I know for some this is anything that is of interest to you – infertility. But, for the sake of the millions of people who find becoming a parent a challenge please consider helping out.  Let others know of NIAW and the information available via the RESOLVE website . Also, May 7th  has been designated as  ADVOCACY DAY where RESOLVE will be campaigning for infertility issues on a legislative level. And, if ever you doubted what the “end game” was for fertility specialists, let me be the first to tell you that it is about the smiles of their patients and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you cast your eyes on their newborn child! The photos below are compliments of “medical magic” that has helped create families via fertility options, including some familiar faces!

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Note:  I wrote this sponsored blog as an effort to educate readers about infertility issues. I was compensated by HRC Fertility of Pasadena but gladly would have done so for free! My goal is to help them with their efforts to build families!

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A Special BlogTalk Radio Episode – Women Networking Groups

What are the benefits of joining a women’s networking group?

Why are women (and men) finding these groups integral to their business marketing plans?

What role does social media play with networking groups?

Meet three women from the BEACH CITIES BREAKFAST CLUB who share their experiences on why they joined a local networking group and the pearls of wisdom they have to share about growing their own business.


Meet Anita Garcia! For more than 40 years she has represented the TUPPERWARE company.  She has seen products change, repurpose, come and go – all the while sticking with the company that was eco-friendly before others even knew what that meant.

Read more about Anita here

Michelle Velasco defines the words GO-GETTER! She is a real estate agent with a mission to buy, sell and make a difference. Her work via Keller Williams is her second or perhaps third career.

Read more about Michelle here

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Olympics 2.0

Unknown-7I really am trying to be positive and enthusiastic about this years Winter Olympics. Afterall, the athletes, their families and coaches have all poured their heart and soul in to this opportunity of a lifetime.  Yet, I am less than enthused. Am I alone or do others share in my sentiment?

I love luge and figure skating.  I admire the athletes for their amazing talents – and yet I find myself going to HGTV or catching up on Downton Abbey instead.


I think it is because this year’s Olympics feel like a news story more than a sports story.  I keep waiting for some disaster to occur.  We have been warned of the many dangers for months and now I feel like I am waiting for “Breaking News” and it won’t be about any sport.  I hate feeling this way, but after conversations with others in my social circles I apparently am not alone.

So, what are your thoughts about this the Sochi Olympics?  And, while we are talking about Olympics consider learning  about a new “mental sport”  featuring  the #OlympicMoms and #OlympicDads. To learn more CLICK HERE. (and thanks to Wendy Young of KIDLUTIONS and Dr. Lynne Kenney, The Family Coach for sharing)

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When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes- The Glendora /Colby Fires

2013 and 2014 has been exceptionally dry years here in California – resulting in drought conditions throughout the state. And, where there is a drought there is bound to be high potential for fire. So it was no surprise when fires did erupt,  due to careless human misconduct, throughout the area known as Glendora- Colby.  I live more than  thirty miles away from where these fires started and I can tell you that in my “neck of the woods” smoke got in my eyes! Ash dropped like snow flurries on to cars all throughout the South Bay area and everyone seemed to be able to smell the essence of smoke and cinder for miles.

I captured the impact of the fire on our skies Thursday, January 16th and Friday, January 17th.  You can see how the skies over Torrance, CA were almost the color of caramel just hours after the fire began.  In Palos Verdes there is a distinct line of demarcation between “clear skies” and the smoke.

As always I like to provide an ounce of education for those who read this blog. Read more about fire safety and disaster preparedness here: National Fire Protection Association

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No Resolutions, Just Wishes for 2014

May 2014 be filled with fun times, prosperity, excellent health AND affordable health insurance for all-
May 2014  have NO talk about any Kardashians, Twerking or
Miley “I use to be called Hannah Montana” Cyrus!
May 2014 mean jobs for all, reverence for teachers and schools where kids can  again feel safe-
May 2014 allow all to enjoy time for travel, fine wine and great conversation with friends -
And, May 2014 be the year when someone invents a calorie free  chocolate bar sans chemicals I can’t pronounce!
Happy 2014!

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