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Social Media- It is all about the dialog – RIGHT?


I often am asked to function as a social media strategist or manager.  I look for ways to engage the ever expanding and fickle audience in social media by using a variety of techniques.  Today, I wanted to start a dialog about which social media posting techniques do you find most desired by your readers? Which platforms work best for you?  What pearls of wisdom can you share with our readers? Your predictions for social media in the near future?

Let us begin… To start,  I will share a few of my strategies and would love for you to comment or add yours…

1- DIALOG - Social Media should never be a one way street.  The beauty of social media lies in the COMMENT or LIKE buttons.  Exchanging ideas and having a conversation is what I value in social media.

2- QUOTES , POSTERS and PHOTOS – Words are great but teamed with visual media is better!

3- VIDEO – It is no surprise that video (new media) is becoming an even greater presence in social media.  YouTube will soon be known as mainstream on every TV.

4. RELATIONSHIPS – I have had the privilege to meet many of my friends from TWITTER and FACEBOOK “in real life”.  I am not disappointed as for the most part they are true to their online presence. (Although there have been one or two exceptions, but nothing dramatic)

I love when connections are made, networks are formed and the opportunities to help each other, our communities and the world in general is a collective goal.  Social media can be empowering, life changing and life saving!

5- INFORMATION SHARING- There are times when a tweet is simply a tweet.  Or, a post is simply a post.  No bells and whistles;  just information for those seeking it. (And, don’t forget to use the hashtag)

Below I have a poster from @LoraJaneInteractive .  I used it a while back in a post and it the readers went a bit “crazy” for it.  I’d like to know what you think-

In closing, while many use social media to help enhance SEO for ROI which hopefully will translate in to $$$ – I like to think of it as the door to opportunity – with no guarantees, but you never will know if you don’t try.

Respectful discussion welcome below!

Thank you for reading-



Author: Louise Sattler

Founder and owner of SIGNING FAMILIES™, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Founding member of 411Voices network, Social Media expert, national guest speaker, contributor to Education.com JustAsk Column, Cancer Warrior Goddess, and always ready for a laugh, especially with groovy people. Grateful to all who read this blog.. so thank you!

6 thoughts on “Social Media- It is all about the dialog – RIGHT?

  1. What great points you make Louise and you do have great dialog and tweet so well!
    I really do love this poster it got so many retweets cause it’s really meaningful the thought of what we would tell her younger self!

  2. It is not surprising that the photo with the quote you shared was popular. It is is a great one. I have to agree with you, there are wonderful and valuable doors that open through interaction on social media sites. After all it is intended to be “social” right?

  3. Hi Louise: For me, it’s all about communication and relationships. Rick and I have survived, over the years, because of these pillars. Social platforms come and go, tides turn, SEO buzz words get replaced, marketing/advertising trends shift, etc. The only strategy that doesn’t lose value: relationships. In the long run, those who understand social emotional development generally stay afloat through any business storm – year after year. So….I love your #4 the most :-)

  4. Hi Louise – I agree and in this day where sharing is thought to be caring we sometimes loose that connection of relationships. I find on Google Plus there tends to me more interaction among post, twitter I find drives traffic but what I love more than just visits is interaction. I have gotten to know several people from social media in real life, it has made networking locally much more easier and I love having people I know and trust whether online and off to recommend to friends or clients, you only can build that trust with interactions and relationships.

  5. Hi Louise, Great points, thank you for sharing this! I personally love doing social media, both for work and for fun. It’s a wonderful way to connect and reach out to people.

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