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A Special BlogTalk Radio Episode – Women Networking Groups

What are the benefits of joining a women’s networking group?

Why are women (and men) finding these groups integral to their business marketing plans?

What role does social media play with networking groups?

Meet three women from the BEACH CITIES BREAKFAST CLUB who share their experiences on why they joined a local networking group and the pearls of wisdom they have to share about growing their own business.


Meet Anita Garcia! For more than 40 years she has represented the TUPPERWARE company.  She has seen products change, repurpose, come and go – all the while sticking with the company that was eco-friendly before others even knew what that meant.

Read more about Anita here

Michelle Velasco defines the words GO-GETTER! She is a real estate agent with a mission to buy, sell and make a difference. Her work via Keller Williams is her second or perhaps third career.

Read more about Michelle here

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Photography using the iPhone 5C

I debated for quite some time whether or not to upgrade to the iPhone 5  or to wait until the “6″ came out on the market. Unfortunately, my trusty “4″ decided it couldn’t keep up with my amount of media usage – so the decision was made for me.

At first I looked at the sleek silver 5S option only to have my eyes wander to the less “mature” color version (5C).  When all was said and paid for I walked out of Verizon with a green 5C with a blue cover.  While others may be embarrassed by the teen-esque phone choice, I am embracing it.  After all nothing says “you are turning double nickels” more than a phone that resembles prom wear!

As you might have expected,  I have spent the last 6 weeks testing out my phone- particularly the camera and ALL the settings!  While I am not over impressed with indoor shots, I must admit the outside functionality rocks! Judge for yourself as below are some of my amateur unedited / unfiltered images. (A small sample as I now have taken over 1000 pics)


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The Honey Jar by Dr. Lateefah Wielena

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The Honey Jar – A Book Review

Arguments – Lack of Communication – Anger- Jealousy- Low Self- Esteem – Frustration – Helplessness – Lack of Faith

Do any of these terms describe your present relationship or one that you you haven’t resolved and let go from the past?

If so, then perhaps what will help you decide if this is a relationship worth salvaging or one you need to walk away from is a dip in the Honey Jar, an honest book written by Dr. Lateefah Wielenga from the Counseling Kitchen. 

Included are examples of  how to build cohesive partnership. Suggested is to create an  emotional  couple’s toolbox filled with leaps of courage and  faith, in tandem with communication, feelings of our own self-worth and a bit of relationship “magic”.

Dr. Wielenga is not a stranger to helping couples as she has worked in the psycho-therapy field for many years with clients seeking emotional, relationship and  career direction.  The Honey Jar is a discussion starter.  There are tips and ideas to help a couple move forward, some which are downright romantic. (Write your partner a love letter)   Dr. Wielenga also acknowledges that not all relationships can be ‘saved” despite therapy and a healthy dose of motivation.  (Listen to a recent interview with Dr. Wielenga here)

While some books that offer personal enlightenment can be wordy and lengthy – this one is not.  A neatly written book it packs a huge emotional punch in less than 40 pages!

Learn more about the Counseling Kitchen and Dr. Wielenga here:

The Honey Jar is available on Amazon

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VANITY FAIR + INSIDER + OSCAR = An Educational Opportunity!

You may be perplexed by the title of this blog.  Why would the publication VANITY FAIR  alongside the TV  entertainment program – The Insider -  plus the Academy Awards aka Oscar equal to an educational opportunity?  Let me explain….

Last week I was an invited guest by Insider to represent their show as a CBS social media correspondent. I was not the only one (thankfully) and was very happy to spend the week with many other social media enthusiasts!   We were given full access to the lovely  WeWork   office space in Hollywood at this week long event and tweet-up hosted by VANITY FAIR.  Our “job” was to attend great Oscar related events and tweet, blog and post all about them.  In other words, I got to be a Hollywood yenta with social media moxie!

During the week I worked with amazing social media strategist and influencers. Hour after hour I would marvel at how they interconnected with people on social media with such finesse! The peeps from Instagram were all about algorithms and I learned quite a bit talking to them on how Google and other current trends in social media are now playing a role on HOW we do our jobs! My favorite panel was by far the predictors from traditional media who were frankly – not entirely accurate! (Yes, 12 Years a Slave DID win best picture award despite the panelist’s reasoning why it wouldn’t take home the Oscar!)

Additionally, I was  impressed and in tech envy of those who were sporting the latest and greatest in technology.  The WiFi  cameras were amazing, although I must admit that Rich Cruse  did post some of the best photos of the week  using his “old fashioned” digital camera.

My education continued by learning that many people with public social media personas could co-exist, be supportive of each other and thrive over many hours of intense tweeting.    Together we worked in tandem during the award ceremony broadcast with our efforts resulting in our trending on Twitter! (Until Ellen broke Twitter, that is.)  Our night was filled with furious tweeting and also amazing catering thanks to the generosity of Vanity Fair – thank you!  The photos in the collage below are not staged, we’re truly friends in addition to our role as the Insider Twitterati.

Lastly, I learned that it DOES take a village in social media, but you still have to work with an elected mayor. Bryan Moore  is the heart , soul and “mayor” of the Insider social media community! He is what others might say – “Good people”.

Whew- what a week.  My mind is full of new lessons learned and I guess I will end this post – I need a nap!

Have a groovy week~



Genius Marketing by PUREX?

Earlier this week this poster, which was part of a PUREX campaign,  popped up on my FACEBOOK timeline again and again!  Is it genius marketing? It is a great reminder that we all need to remember we have a personal censor button and some subjects or personal conversations are meant to be conducted face – to – face and not online for all to see? Or perhaps it is a reminder that I have a ton of dirty laundry that needs to be washed – pronto!

Regardless of how you interpret this post – I say it is a simply brilliant and BRAVO to PUREX for this home run!   The curious me wants to know if PUREX did indeed see a bump in traffic with this viral post?  Share if you have knowledge!



Olympics 2.0

Unknown-7I really am trying to be positive and enthusiastic about this years Winter Olympics. Afterall, the athletes, their families and coaches have all poured their heart and soul in to this opportunity of a lifetime.  Yet, I am less than enthused. Am I alone or do others share in my sentiment?

I love luge and figure skating.  I admire the athletes for their amazing talents – and yet I find myself going to HGTV or catching up on Downton Abbey instead.


I think it is because this year’s Olympics feel like a news story more than a sports story.  I keep waiting for some disaster to occur.  We have been warned of the many dangers for months and now I feel like I am waiting for “Breaking News” and it won’t be about any sport.  I hate feeling this way, but after conversations with others in my social circles I apparently am not alone.

So, what are your thoughts about this the Sochi Olympics?  And, while we are talking about Olympics consider learning  about a new “mental sport”  featuring  the #OlympicMoms and #OlympicDads. To learn more CLICK HERE. (and thanks to Wendy Young of KIDLUTIONS and Dr. Lynne Kenney, The Family Coach for sharing)


Social Media- It is all about the dialog – RIGHT?

I often am asked to function as a social media strategist or manager.  I look for ways to engage the ever expanding and fickle audience in social media by using a variety of techniques.  Today, I wanted to start a dialog about which social media posting techniques do you find most desired by your readers? Which platforms work best for you?  What pearls of wisdom can you share with our readers? Your predictions for social media in the near future?

Let us begin… To start,  I will share a few of my strategies and would love for you to comment or add yours…

1- DIALOG - Social Media should never be a one way street.  The beauty of social media lies in the COMMENT or LIKE buttons.  Exchanging ideas and having a conversation is what I value in social media.

2- QUOTES , POSTERS and PHOTOS – Words are great but teamed with visual media is better!

3- VIDEO – It is no surprise that video (new media) is becoming an even greater presence in social media.  YouTube will soon be known as mainstream on every TV.

4. RELATIONSHIPS – I have had the privilege to meet many of my friends from TWITTER and FACEBOOK “in real life”.  I am not disappointed as for the most part they are true to their online presence. (Although there have been one or two exceptions, but nothing dramatic)

I love when connections are made, networks are formed and the opportunities to help each other, our communities and the world in general is a collective goal.  Social media can be empowering, life changing and life saving!

5- INFORMATION SHARING- There are times when a tweet is simply a tweet.  Or, a post is simply a post.  No bells and whistles;  just information for those seeking it. (And, don’t forget to use the hashtag)

Below I have a poster from @LoraJaneInteractive .  I used it a while back in a post and it the readers went a bit “crazy” for it.  I’d like to know what you think-

In closing, while many use social media to help enhance SEO for ROI which hopefully will translate in to $$$ – I like to think of it as the door to opportunity – with no guarantees, but you never will know if you don’t try.

Respectful discussion welcome below!

Thank you for reading-




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